AGM and St Patricks @ Copt Oak Village Hall

As advertised in the club magazine, Derbyshire DA will be holding its AGM at the Copt Oak Village Hall at 3pm. All members are welcome to attend the meeting (you don’t have to camp) to review the reports from 2019 for this District Association. You must make sure you present you membership card if you attend the meeting (note that you do not have to camp to attend the meeting).

The committee also welcome’s new members to come forward and volunteer to help with the committee duties. You could choose to take a formal role or be a member of the committee to help with the decision making. The more the merrier – many hands make light work.

Saturday will be the day of the AGM, it starts at 3pm. Please come along and support the committee, listen to what we’ve been up to and provide constructive feedback about what you’d like to see more of. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions. Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided for the AGM.

St Patricks Night Special!

Friday night we’ll have some background music playing, this is a “free and easy” night.

Saturday afternoon we’ll be having a raffle.

Saturday evening we’ll be having Pie and Peas for supper, Music/Disco and games! Its all Irish themed, so bring out your fancy dress and table decorations.

Sunday we’ll be having a coffee morning at 11am to mingle.

The price is £10 per unit per night.