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We hope this site is helpful to both DA members and to other members of the Camping and Caravanning Club who wish to join us at any of our meets. (meets list).

Derbyshire District Association: A brief history
Our DA started life as part of the North Midlands DA which then changed its name to Notts and East Midlands in 1910.
Eventually in 1923, 14th March to be precise, Derby was given permission by the National Council to form a district association of their own and become part of the Central Counties Region.
The early days saw most of the outings covered by bicycle with tents for accommodation and one of the first meets was held near Hartington in the Peak District

Did you know?
  • In 1908 before Derby DA was formed we were part of the North Midlands DA
  • Then in 1910 this changed to Nott's and East Midlands DA
  • Derby District Association was first formed on March 14th 1923 as part of the Central Counties Region of the Camping and Caravanning Club.
  • In later years Nott's DA and Leicester DA joined us we then became Leicester, Nott's and Derby DA.
  • In 1957 it was decided that Nott's and Leicester would form there own individual DA's.
  • Fifteen years later in 1972 we changed our name from Derby DA to Derbyshire DA
  • In 1973 North Central Region was formed which we became part of and still are to this present day.

Although Derbyshire DA do not hold a major event we pride ourselves on our annual Bonfire meet held at the Ukrainian Centre, where we have live entertainment, a bonfire with firework display, good food and good company, so why not come along and join the fun.
Or why not check out our Holiday sites for this years summer holiday's. All details can be found on our program of events

Derbyshire has a lot to offer!
Derbyshire's bustling market towns, villages, hills, dales and rivers, offer some of the most beautiful scenery around. Many visitors to Derbyshire and the Peak District come not only to enjoy the varied and beautiful landscape, but also to experience a blend of heritage, history and family attractions hard to find elsewhere.
For more info go to derbyshireuk.net