Questions and Answers

Q. How can I find out more?

A. Look in the Out and About pages of Camping & Caravanning magazine for details of the Meets, Temporary Holiday Sites and events which are organised all over the country. Out and About is also available online here.

Or, to find out more about events and activities organised by Derbyshire DA, please join our closed Facebook group. We have an open post page to ask other members questions, seek advice and see what we get up to as it happens on the field.

Alternatively visit the contact us page and get in touch with one of our committee members who will be more than happy to help.

Q. Do you have electric hook up?

A. This is a question that comes up many times for new members and electric hook up is not normally available at meets and temporary holiday sites, but honestly you don’t need it. It’s often used as safety net for people who worry about running out of power. Your caravan was designed to run off a 12 volt battery (water pump, lighting, heating fan, etc are all 12v) and gas.

Fridges run most efficiently off gas as well as your heating and water heater. A 12v caravan leisure battery should normally last a weekend without any change (even with lighting, heating fans, phone chargers, 12v tv’s etc plugged in). The majority of people who meet up use solar panels to charge the battery. These are either stand alone ones or fitted to the roof. Solar panels are recommended for meets greater than 3 days or for temporary holidays sites. Please get in touch if you are worried and we’ll do our best to help you. Take the “wild camp” plunge.

Q. Do meets have toilets and showers?

A. All meets (unless explicitly stated) require you to have your own sanitary means. People in motorhomes and caravans use their onboard toilets and showers, there is always chemical disposal points and freshwater taps to fill up drinking water. Campers in tents tend to use portable toilets and showers. At some locations with halls, there are toilets to use although are normally only available on the days where they are open for entertainment.

Q. Can I use 240 volt appliances like tv’s, hair dryers and straighteners?

A. Normally caravan’s and motorhomes don’t come with inverters installed to convert electrical power in the 12 volt battery to 240 volt mains supply. If you have a need to use these they can be purchased for around £80 from online retailers and will permit 240 volt appliances to run, however solar panels are recommended to replenish the battery during the day. Please visit our Facebook page and put the question out there, we’ll be happy to help you!

Q. Do you need to book?

A. You do not need to book to attend any non “themed” meets or THS’s. The whole point of DA camping is to make it as easy as possible to join in. You don’t have to commit yourself to anything when booking. You just turn up, present your membership card, pay you fee to the Steward and pitch. You don’t even have to stay for a minimum number of nights.

There may be the option on busy THS’s to book in advance (minimum duration applies for booking) for busy sites, to avoid the possibility of turning up and being turned away because its full. Some advertised “themed” meets like the Bonfire Meet or the Rewind weekend require booking as they are usually fully subscribed due to their popularity.

Q. What can I expect from the meet?

A. On behalf of Derbyshire DA, our meets vary from week to week – sometimes it’s a quiet weekend, other times we use halls and visitors are welcome to join us in the evening – just bring your chairs and drinks along. Sometimes we even have themed weekends – take a look at our Special Events pages to find out the types of things we do. You’re never obliged to take part in any of the activities – if you’d prefer to sit back and relax, that’s fine too!

At a normal weekend meet, we hold a ‘Coffee Morning’ on a Sunday at 11am. Visitors are invited to bring their chairs and cups – we’ll provide tea, coffee and biscuits – for an update of what’s scheduled for the coming weeks.

One thing’s for certain – you will always receive a warm welcome from the meet Steward and there’s always someone who’ll offer help if you need it.

Q. What can I expect when I arrive on site?

A. Expect the basics – added luxuries are a bonus!
DA’s offer the most inexpensive camping available. Our meets are at basic venues with minimum facilities, there aren’t normally toilet or shower blocks and no electric hook ups.
Fresh drinking water is always available along with toilet disposal point(s).

When you arrive on site, you must report to the meet Steward – the person who is ultimately responsible for the meet – they will take your details and guide you to your ‘pitch’.
Derbyshire DA does not charge for awnings, pets etc. The only added charge is for extra adults (more than two per unit) at £1.50 per night.

Our dedicated Sites Officer puts a great deal of work in to finding the best sites – the ones that are mostly flat with decent ground that drains well. Many of our sites are used year after year and the land owner has great pride in maintaining the field for us. We try to book sites to coincide with local events, or that are near some visitor attractions. Extra information can be found in the magazine or on the DA website.

Q. Where do I find out about DA meets and events?

A. You receive a monthly ‘Camping and Caravanning’ Magazine, the back section of the magazine is called ‘Out & About’ and is dedicated to DA’s and special interest sections. In here, you will find information about meets taking place over the coming month. The listing will state whether or not you need to book and other useful, general information.

There is an Introduction to Out & About on the first few pages which is also very useful if you’re reading for the first time. Abbreviations are common in the listings because we’re limited to characters – you’ll soon get used to them and there’s a key to help you.

The club also offers apps to help find these more easily. Search the app stores for “Out and About” or “Camping and Caravanning Club”. After downloading you will be required to enter your username (email address) and password use to access the main club website. If you have not registered to use the website you can do so via this link.

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