UPDATE > Bonfire Meet 2017!

To find out more information about our Bonfire Event and how to book, please visit our Bonfire page.

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Mountain Biking at Alderwasley

Hi everyone, Brendan (Steward for the weekend) will be planning a/some mountain bike rides around Alderwasley next weekend (29th-30th Sept), are there any keen mountain bikers out there that would like to join in? Usually first thing in the morning to be back before 11am, 2-3 hours riding, ~20km.

Riber, Crich, Black Rocks area.

Contact webmaster@derbyshireda.com if you are interested.


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Peak View Caravan Park – near Wirksworth

Hello everyone, quick status update…. the theme for the Feast of Lanterns at this weekends meet is The Alphabet!


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New Booking Forms / Process for New Year’s Eve

Derbyshire DA is proud to announce that an improved electronic booking process/form has been created for booking New Years’ Eve.

Please visit this page for further information

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Stewards Required

If you fancy stewarding any Meets on the sites list, contact Ted Walters (Chief Camp Steward) on 01773 856101.

Derbyshire D.A. require THS stewards for both summer THS’s. Even a couple of days would be greatly appreciated. If you are available, please contact Brian on 07502 378318 or Jan on 07977 399 567.

Meets and THS’s cannot take place without stewards and they will have to be cancelled.

Your site fees will be paid for by DDA, making it even more attractive. If you steward 3 or more meets you receive a free voucher for the Bonfire or Rewind (previously 60s, 70s and 80s weekend).

Help and advice is available for first timers. There’s really is nothing difficult about it, you’re not expected to know anything complicated and most people steward a meet want to do it again (they find it rewarding).

We look forward to your offers of help.

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